Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Behind the Wire

Behind the wire beauty lies
I see children at play skipping rope
Their mother looks down from the window above
Her heart filled with love and hope
The garden is green, full of flowers,
The birds frequent there every day,
The neighbourhood is bustling and the sun shines upon,
The children, innocent, at play
The building is painted bright colours,
Bright murals adorn the stone wall
Painted with love by those who live there,
The children had painted them all
Music is heard through the open window,
Followed by the mother in song,
The children who know every word,
Begin to sing along
On the surface the song sounds uplifting,
On the surface the words appear glad,
But if you listen closely you will notice,
That the message conveyed's in fact sad
I no longer can see children playing,
Hear singing, or see walls coloured bright,
Instead I can only hear a mother's praying,
For her children who died in the fight
The garden is taken over by weed and rubble,
And through the wire graffiti is splayed
As cold as the cold stone walls
Where once, happiness was displayed
But amidst the trail of destruction,
Behind the wire three red poppies stand tall,
Restoring hope to a new generation,
And love, within its walls
This poem was inspired by a photo taken by a very talented friend of mine, Robyn Carter

For Nia Glassie

I did not know you, but I love you
I could not hold you, shield you from pain
I know that God can now protect you
And that you did not die in vain

Those who hurt you, can no longer
No more shall you be at harm
Those who love shall not forget you
Safe within the good Lord’s arms

Baby girl you’re now an angel
And you now have wings to fly
Spread them, peace is waiting for you
In the heavens of the skies

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Marksman

Eyes darken, narrow, intense
Muscles quiver, stance rigid and tense
Slowly, quietly he moves in
And approaches the unsuspecting

Heartbeat quickens, breathing shallow
Choreographed movement as momentum builds
The marksman focuses on his prey
As he approaches the unsuspecting

Swiftly, boldly, all enduring
With one foul swoop the deed is done
The hunted lies at the feet of the marksman
As in this here battle, the marksman won

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Many people go through life wishing
Always wanting more than they possess
When we see how others are forced to live,
Why is it so few people feel blessed?

You do not live in a war zone,
With fighting and killing close-by
Afraid that this day might just be your last
That this is the day that you’ll die

You do not live in a barren land
Complaining of hunger and thirst
The rain, storms, heat and the sunshine
You are sheltered from the elements worst

You have friends and family who love you
A loving husband and son at your side
So many out there have no-one
As all their friends and their loved ones have died

So don’t waste your life wishing and wanting
Or you’ll miss out on what you possess
A life so many only dream of
So many, unlike you, who aren’t blessed.


To Zac...

I love the way you smile with your eyes
I love the sound of your laughter
I love to hold you as you sleep in my arms
And to watch the expression of wonder
Upon your face

I love to watch you experience new things
I love to tuck you down to sleep
I love to see the sheer joy
brought by the simple things
Upon your face

I love to love you and call you my son
I love that you are loved by everyone
I love to see the joy you bring to others
Brought to others through the smile
Upon your face

I love you Zac, that always know
I love you, Daddy loves you so,
We all love you, and as you grow,
Please always keep that smile
Upon your face

... Love Mummy

Saturday, February 23, 2008


I don't know whether I can weather this weather
Or whether this weather will last
Or whether this weather will keep getting better
Or whether this weather will pass

But come rain, hail, or shine I'll have a good time
Whatever the weather will do
Because whether the weather gets worse or gets better
I will weather the weather with you


In my dreams I am a dancer
And I dance with style and grace
In my dreams I am a runner
And I win the longest race

In my dreams I am a skier
And I ski the steepest slope
In my dreams I am a climber
And my lifeline is a rope

But when morning comes and I'm awake
I see this cannot be
As what I dream and who I am
Are very different things

The dancer has no music
The runner has no track
The skier has no mountain
And the climber's rope no slack

So instead I play the music
And instead I walk the track
Each day I climb a mountain
And dare not to look back

For when I hear the music
So beatuiful, I see
That I am doing all this and more
Not only in my dreams